Thursday, 11 October 2012

Empowerment is Urgently Needed to Rescue the Boy Child in Kenya

The girl child empowerment in Kenya has sidelined the boy child pushing him to the periphery. The boy child has been ignored for too long. The boy Child is suffering a life skills crisis and needs to be empowered. Life skills enable us to deal with day to day challenges. Consequently, family values are in danger since the boy child is expected to head the family. This has caused many families today to be dysfunctional. The nation which is built on the foundation of the family is standing on a shaky foundation. Our upbringing models us to be what we are. Current boy child has been brought up mainly by their mothers. Most fathers are absent physically or emotionally to act as role models to the boy child. Consequently, he has not been trained in the responsibilities of a man. It’s common to find family men who are running away from their responsibilities.

When challenges arise at home many men hide in work and in the bars getting home late. This takes them deeper into drugs and substance abuse which has become a national problem threatening to cripple the nation. Women though empowered bear the heavy burden of caring for the family single handedly. However all is not lost and we can start a new balanced empowerment legacy. As an individual, you can choose to become a role model and empower the future generation.

Partners in abusive marriages should seek outside help and not suffer in silence any longer lest the situation gets out of control. To those who are trying to avoid problems, gather courage and make deliberate effort individually to face the issues head on. Everybody is suffering from these past empowerment disparity, and it should come to a halt. Deal with your negative experiences, set realistic expectations and be optimistic. Lucky enough, today there are several initiatives that are focusing on the boy child empowerment which should be embraced and supported. However the current boy child empowerment efforts are far from adequate. More local and international organizations need to commit themselves to the worthy course in Kenya