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We offer the following products and services at affordable fees.

  1. Agribusiness plans preparation
  2. Agribusiness information e-manuals

An Agribusiness Plan is the road-map to success in any farming business. An Agribusiness Plan preparation is therefore crucial for success of any farming business. This is the document which will support your agribusiness to grow, seek funding from financial institutions and/or donors, and monitor performance over a period of time for continuous improvement. Agribusiness plan is a management tool which will help you to avoid expensive mistakes in your farming business. FAILURE TO PLAN IS PLANNING TO FAIL. MAKE SURE YOU PREPARE AN AGRIBUSINESS PLAN BEFORE STARTING YOUR FARMING BUSINESS.The second important milestone is to get the right technical information.
a)       Watermelon farming e-manual 
c)       Passion fruit farming e-manual
d)      Strawberry farming e-manual
g)      Tomatoes farming e-manual
h)      Capsicum farming e-manual
i)       Greenhouse farming e-manual
j)       Oyster mushroom Farming e-manual
k)      Tissue culture Bananas farming e-manual
l)       Upland arrowroot, Cassava, Sweet potatoes and yams e-manual
m)    Poultry Broilers, layers and improved indigenous/ Kienyeji e-manual
n)    Value addition and Agro-processing e-manual:The e-manual contains Manufacture of Fruit juices, yogurt, Fruit Jam, Small scale ice-cream making ,Tomato sauce processing, bread baking & cakes baking, cake decoration, vegetable solar drying,  Banana crisps and flour processing, cassava fermenting and flour processing, Soya milk and peanut butter processing.    
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Our Vision
To lead in transforming traditional subsistence agriculture into agribusiness in Africa.

Provide the modern farmer with convenient  easily accessible agribusiness information for increased farm income and employment creation.

Background information
We recognize the significance of agriculture in  food security, poverty reduction,economic growth, and long-term environment sustainability. Our organization therefore   promotes profitable agriculture and environment conservation for employment creation, income generation, food security,  and economic development in Kenya. Our operations mainly targets young energetic Kenyans who for a long time have been notably absent from agriculture activities.The future of our economy is in the hands of the young people. Agriculture industry without the young people's energy, innovation and passion is doomed. The current impacts of climate change have caught up with us, making climate change mitigation and adaptation essential  for sustainable development.Youth agro-environmental Initiative approaches also embraces multicultural and generational diversity. We strongly believe that people from both rural and urban settings of all ages, ethnicity,gender and abilities must be involved in creating better agriculture and environment conservation systems.Ours is therefore largely a campaign to bring the youth on board in agriculture and environment conservation for sustainable agriculture and economic development in Kenya.

Young people are the future of agriculture industry which is the steering wheel of our country's economy. Unemployment among the youth is rampant in Kenya as in many developing countries leading to increased poverty in the rural and urban areas alike.Yet 75% of Kenyan population is made up of young people below 30 years 0.33% of the population consists of young people 15-30 years. 56% of criminals are youth aged 24-25 years. Drug abuse among the young people has reached alarming proportions in the country. Currently, the youth make up 33% of the Kenyans infected with HIV/AIDS.Therefore involvement of young people in profitable agriculture is key to sustainability of the countries economy.

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  3. Website: http://yagrein.blogspot.com/