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Training on Button Mushroom Growing 

We are organizing a training on button mushroom on 12th July 2014. The training will be held on a mushroom farm in Dagoretti, Nairobi. 

If interested Contact us on email:  yagrein@gmail or call 0729273753 for details.

Welcome to our products and services
  1. Agribusiness Advisory Services                
  2. Farm management services 
  3. Modern Briquettes Making Machines for sale at fair prices.  
  4. Training Groups on Charcoal Briquettes Making.
  5. Training Groups on Yoghurt making
  6. We sell high quality seedlings of Sweet yellow passion fruit
  7. We sell the following detailed Farming e-manuals 

Our Farming e-Manuals 
a)     Watermelon farming e-manual
b)    Capsicum farming e-manual
c)    Strawberry farming e-manual
d)    Quail poultry farming e-manual
e)    Bulb Onions farming e-manual
f)     Passion fruit farming e-manual
g)    Greenhouse Tomatoes farming e-manual
h)    Oyster mushroom Farming e-manual
i)      Tissue culture Bananas farming e-manual
j)      Dairy Farming e-manual
k)   Upland arrowroots, Cassava, Sweet potatoes and yams e-manual
Email yagrein@gmail.com or call 0714211644 for inquiries

Youth agro-environmental Initiative is a non-political, non-profit organization, registered in Kenya by the ministry of Gender and Social Services .Youth agro-environmental Initiative recognizes the significance of agriculture in  food security, poverty reduction,economic growth, and long-term environment sustainability. Our organization therefore   promotes profitable agriculture and environment conservation for employment creation, income generation, food security,  and economic development in Kenya. Our operations mainly targets young energetic Kenyans who for a long time have been notably absent from agriculture activities.The future of our economy is in the hands of the young people. Agriculture industry without the young people's energy, innovation and passion is doomed. The current impacts of climate change have caught up with us, making climate change mitigation and adaptation essential  for sustainable development.Youth agro-environmental Initiative approaches also embraces multicultural and generational diversity. We strongly believe that people from both rural and urban settings of all ages, ethnicity,gender and abilities must be involved in creating better agriculture and environment conservation systems.Ours is therefore largely a campaign to bring the youth on board in agriculture and environment conservation for sustainable economic development in Kenya.

Young people are the future of agriculture industry which is the steering wheel of our country's economy. Unemployment among the youth is rampant in Kenya as in many developing countries leading to increased poverty in the rural and urban areas alike.Yet 75% of Kenyan population is made up of young people below 30 years 0.33% of the population consists of young people 15-30 years. 56% of criminals are youth aged 24-25 years. Drug abuse among the young people has reached alarming proportions in the country. Currently, the youth make up 33% of the Kenyans infected with HIV/AIDS.Therefore involvement of young people in profitable agriculture is key to sustainability of the countries economy.

Our major services
  1. Agribusiness advisory services
  2. Farm management services
Our Vision
The young generation in Kenya earning a decent livelihood, from  modern  agriculture value chain activities.

Our Mission
To inform, educate and give skill to the young people in agriculture production, agribusiness, agriculture value chain development , environmental conservation for sustainability of agriculture industry.

Problems  addressed

  1. Youth unemployment and under employment 
  2. Inadequate agriculture professionals
  3. Poor access to agriculture information among the young people
  4. Absence of the young energetic generation from agriculture value chain  activities
  5. poor returns from agriculture activities making the industry unattractive for the youth
  6. Poor market linkages for small scale farmers
  7. High levels of poverty among the young people and their communities
  8. High rate of youth involvement in drug abuse, alcoholism and crime 
  9. unsustainable environment management  practices 
Our Objectives
Our overall objective is to  the harness young people's innovation, passion and energy  and direct it towards profitable agriculture and environmental conservation for employment creation,food security and poverty reduction. This is in line with the aspirations of Kenya Vision 2030 and Milleniun Development Goals number 1 and 7 which aims to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger and ensure environmental sustainability respectively. Our specific objectives include:-
  1. To encourage involvement of the youth and agro-entrepreneurs in profitable agriculture  for employment creation and livelihood improvement
  2. Encourage the youth to use  Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to acquire agriculture information and market their farm produce for efficiency
  3. To provide Technical information on  modern agriculture technology
  4. Sensitize the youth on climate change adaptation and mitigation
  5. Create awareness on impact of drug and substance abuse among the young people
  6. Educate the youth on  human development stages for better understanding of themselves.  
Major  Activities
Our organization is implementing various activities in partnership with other development agents with similar goals and objectives, particularly Community based organizations, the Government of Kenya, youth Groups, Self Help Groups and  community at large. Our activities include:-
  1. Mobilizing the young people  to take up profitable farming activities using the internet and social media
  2. Training the young farmers on modern agriculture technology
  3. Training the young farmers in agriculture value chain development for market access. 
  4. Sensitizing the community on environment conservation .
  5. Sensitization the community on drug and substance abuse  in Kenya
Expected Outcomes
    • Improved access to agriculture information among the young people
    • Increased involvement of young persons in agribusiness
    • Adoption of diversified modern farming technologies
    • Adoption of improved high yielding crop varieties and animal strains
    • Household food security leading to national food security
    • Poverty reduction among the young people and their communities
    • Reduction of rural-urban migration of the youth in search of jobs
    • Reduction of environmental degradation and climate change   
    • Reduction of drug , alcohol abuse and crime among the young people
Our Contacts
  1. Email:yagrein@gmail.com
  2. Facebook: Kenyan youth in agriculture
  3. Website: http://yagrein.blogspot.com/