Pure Reishi Medicinal Mushroom Tea Available email yagrein@gmail or call 0729273753 to order

Pure Reishi Medicinal Mushroom Tea Available: email yagrein@gmail or Call 0729273753 to order

Reishi/ Ganoderma mushroom is edible medicinal mushroom.  It has been documented in medical and classified material as a superior herb 2000 years ago. Dried and ground Reishi/ganoderma mushroom will keep for long. As a medicinal mushroom, it is used in small\low doses.

 Medicinal properties
1.    Recommended for Rhematoid arthritis
2.    Chest and asthma
3.    Fibroids
4.    Diabettes
5.    Cancer
6.    Immune boosting
7.    Weight loss
8.    Sinuses inflammation
9.    Migraines
10. Fatigue
11. It is anti-inflamatory

How to make pure reishi mushroom medicinal tea
Boil 1 cup of water. 
Add 2.5 g or ½ teaspoonful reishi mushroom powder.
Let it simmer for 3-5 minutes.
Squeeze in lemon (optional).
Take hot or cool as desired. 

Button Mushroom

Chandler Strawberry

 Strawberry farming is a multi-billion dollar business around the world. The fruit is a high value export crop in Kenya with great potential for expansion.Basic requirements for strawberry farming in Kenya includes water for irrigation, planting splits, compost or farmyard manure, farm tools, recommended pesticides, fungicides, packaging materials, labour and capital. 

Strawberry varieties suitable for growing in Kenya include Chandler and Douglas, are the most popular varieties. Others varieties are Tioga selva,  Tri-Star, Domanil,pajaro Rabunda and Tribute. The crop grows well in warm to hot climate and does not tolerate freezing. Avoid growing strawberries on land where crops susceptible to Verticillium wilt (a viral disease controlled through crop rotation) grew the previous season. Such crops includes Tomatoes, capsicums, Eggplant/brinjals, okra.