Training on Button Mushroom Growing on 12th July 2014 in Dagoretti, Nairobi

Training on Button Mushroom Farming on 12th July 2014.

We are organizing training on button mushroom on 12th July 2014. The training will be held on a mushroom farm in Dagoretti, Nairobi. 
If interested Contact us on email:  yagrein@gmail or Call 0729273753 for details.

Chandler Strawberry
 Strawberry farming is a multi-billion dollar business around the world. The fruit is a high value export crop in Kenya with great potential for expansion.Basic requirements for strawberry farming in Kenya includes water for irrigation, planting splits, compost or farmyard manure, farm tools, recommended pesticides, fungicides, packaging materials, labour and capital. 

Strawberry varieties suitable for growing in Kenya include Chandler and Douglas, are the most popular varieties. Others varieties are Tioga selva,  Tri-Star, Domanil,pajaro Rabunda and Tribute. The crop grows well in warm to hot climate and does not tolerate freezing. Avoid growing strawberries on land where crops susceptible to Verticillium wilt (a viral disease controlled through crop rotation) grew the previous season. Such crops includes Tomatoes, capsicums, Eggplant/brinjals, okra.

Group Participants of  on-farm Strawberry Training   

We sell are sell a detailed Strawberry Farming e-manual. The document is a good source of information and covers technical aspects of Strawberry including contacts for strawberry seedlings. Payment is through Mpesa and then we shall email the Strawberry Farming Manual to you wherever you are. The contents are:-

1.     Varieties suitable for growing in Kenya
2.     Areas suitable for strawberry growing
3.     Capital investment &Returns per acre  
4.     Marketing and market survey
5.     Planting strawberry and farm layout
6.     Use of rooting Hormone
7.     Pests and their Control
8.      Diseases and their control
9.     Post planting orchard management
10.  Post harvest fruit treatment
11.  Strawberry seed viability
12.  Business plan preparation
13.  Farming Records and accounts.
14.  Strawberry juice making
15.  Integrated pest Management
We normally email the manual to you after payment thro’ Mpesa. The Manual is an eye opener to beginners and entrepreneurs in strawberry farming. It makes easy planning, specific information sourcing and best implementation of your strawberry project. Order your Copy Now. email