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Quail poultry Farming in Kenya

Make Ksh 25,500 per month from 200 quail’s only

Quail Returns are quite impressive at a price of Ksh10 per egg.
Here are the technical facts about the quail agribusiness
135 eggs produced per by 200 birds day sold @ Ksh 10=ksh1,350
200 quails eat 5kgs feed daily @ Ksh 60=ksh300
Labor for attending the birds daily @ ksh ksh200Net income per day from 200 quails @ Ksh ksh850Net monthly income from 200 quails @Ksh 25,500 We offer the following products and services at affordable fees.
  1. Agribusiness plans preparation
  1. Agribusiness information e-manuals
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Quail poultry are short birds, very rich in protein weighing about 500gms.Their fertilized eggs have  high demand among farmers and health conscious Kenyans selling at good prices. The eggs take about 17 days to hatch and two weeks in the brooder. This means the egg incubates for 16 - 17 days.Quails poultry are short cycle birds because they mature early and start laying eggs in the sixth weeks. So, if you have an egg today, you will need about eight weeks for the egg to begin giving you an egg per day. No other commercial birds performs this well. A lighting system is very important and can be improvised as a way of also keeping the room warm. The chicks requires some warmth just as is the case of chicken. The birds require feeds amounting to at least 20-25 grams of feed per bird per day.

Old parent stock of quail poultry can be revitalized for weight gain by shortening the light exposure they get per day from 17 hours to 8 hours after which they can be slaughtered for meat. The broiler quail poultry stores very limited fats making it a protein source for weight-sensitive and health conscious people. Layers  birds can be reared commercially up to18months. If the birds are reared for meat it will reach slaughter age at  six to eight weeks depending on the feeding regime the farmer puts the birds on. Quails poultry do not need immunization like the hens given their strong natural immune system which reduces the cost of production.
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We sell the above detailed farming e-manual. We shall email the manual to you after payment thro’ Mpesa. The contents includes:
Poultry Farming systems in Kenya
Poultry housing
Broilers poultry Farming
Poultry market trends
Broiler business returns
Rearing day old chicks
Broiler performance indicators
Poultry vaccination programme
Poultry equipments
Space requirements for different ages
Improved Kienyeji poultry production
Hybrid layers production
Eggs care and storage
Incubation management
poultry diseases and control
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Our Products and Services 

An Agribusiness Plan is the road-map to success in any farming business. An Agribusiness Plan preparation is therefore crucial for success of any farming business. This is the document which will support your agribusiness to grow, seek funding from financial institutions and/or donors, and monitor performance over a period of time for continuous improvement. Agribusiness plan is a management tool which will help you to avoid expensive mistakes in your farming business. FAILURE TO PLAN IS PLANNING TO FAIL. MAKE SURE YOU PREPARE AN AGRIBUSINESS PLAN BEFORE STARTING YOUR FARMING BUSINESS.The second important milestone is to get the right technical information.
a)       Watermelon farming e-manual 
c)       Passion fruit farming e-manual
d)      Strawberry farming e-manual
g)      Tomatoes farming e-manual
h)      Capsicum farming e-manual
i)       Greenhouse farming e-manual
j)       Oyster mushroom Farming e-manual
k)      Tissue culture Bananas farming e-manual
l)       Upland arrowroot, Cassava, Sweet potatoes and yams e-manual
m)    Poultry Broilers, layers and improved indigenous/ Kienyeji e-manual
n)    Value addition and Agro-processing e-manual:The e-manual contains Manufacture of Fruit juices, yogurt, Fruit Jam, Small scale ice-cream making ,Tomato sauce processing, bread baking & cakes baking, cake decoration, vegetable solar drying,  Banana crisps and flour processing, cassava fermenting and flour processing, Soya milk and peanut butter processing.    

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