Welcome to  Agro-Environmental Initiative. We acknowledge that young people are the future of agriculture industry which is the steering wheel of our country's economy.

We are on a mission to sensitize the young generation in agriculture production, agribusiness, agriculture value chain development , environmental conservation for sustainability of agriculture industry.

We hope to achieve this by harnessing young people's innovation, passion and energy  and directing it towards profitable agriculture and environmental conservation for employment creation,food security and poverty reduction.

Our Products and Services 
We have the following manuals for sale:

a)       Watermelon farming e-manual 
c)       Passion fruit farming e-manual
d)      Strawberry farming e-manual
e)      Bulb Onions farming e-manual
f)       Greenhouse Tomatoes farming e-manual
g)      Tomatoes farming e-manual
h)      Capsicum farming e-manual
i)        Quail poultry farming e-manual
j)        Oyster mushroom Farming e-manual
k)      Tissue culture Bananas farming e-manual
l)        Upland arrowroots, Cassava, Sweet potatoes and yams e-manual
m)    Broilers, layers and improved indigenous/ Kienyeji poultry e-manual
n)      Value Addition and Food processing e-manual


Email yagrein@gmail.com for inquiries

We also organize the following training sessions for groups

Training on how to make Livestock Feeds

Training on charcoal Briquette Making

Training on Yoghurt making

Training on Dairy farming

Email yagrein@gmail.com for inquiries