Friday, 19 October 2012

How to grow calla lily Flowers

Calla lily makes fantastic Bridal Bouquets flowers and they are grown from tubers.  In addition it symbolizes magnificent beauty and purity. These plants blooms all the year-round, which makes it affordable. Some brides use white flowers in the bridal bouquet and colored ones, such as purple, pink, green and red, in the attendants' bouquets. While there are many ways to use them in a bouquet, a modern yet classic style where the stems show at the bottom compliments any dress or wedding theme. Add flowers food or a few drops of citrus acid to the calla lily vase. 

The stems can stain or drip water and therefore, the bouquet should be allowed to stand outside of water for at least 30 minutes before handling near a wedding gown.
Prepare the soil well before planting the flowers. The crop grows best in well drained loose soils. Mulch application will help to maintain moisture, a more constant soil temperature and control weeds.Dry out the calla lily tubers in a ventilated area prior to planting. 

Once they have hardened well, plant at 5cm deep with the foliage pointing upwards. Allow 60cm of space between the growing rows and 30cm between the lily tubers at planting time.
Water the tubers so that the soil is moist but not water logged. Calla lily need to be kept moist all the time during growth and they will bloom in about 60 days.
Dig up the tubers once the foliage dies and Store in a cool dry place until ready to plant in the following season. The tubers can remain in the ground for storage in climates that are warm year round and given a dose of nitrogen fertilizer to start the calla lily flowers’ growing process over again.