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We are organizing the above training to be held end of February. 
If interested Contact us on email:  yagrein@gmail  for details.

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Welcome to our products and services

    1. Agribusiness advisory Services
    2. Farm management Services
    3. Sale of chicks(Improved Kienyeji poultry)
    4. Modern Briquettes Making Machines sold at fair prices. 
    5. Training Groups on Charcoal Briquettes Making.
    6. Training Groups on Yoghurt making
    7. High quality seedlings of Sweet yellow passion fruit for sale
    8. Organizing Farm tours
    10. We also sell the following detailed farming e-manuals 

    Our Farming e-Manuals 
    a)     Watermelon Farming Manual
    b)    Capsicum Farming Manual
    c)    Strawberry Farming manual
    d)    Quail poultry Farming Manual
    e)    Bulb Onions Farming Manual
    f)     Passion fruit Farming Manual
    g)    Greenhouse Tomatoes Farming Manual
    h)    Oyster mushroom Farming Manual
    i)      Tissue culture Bananas
    j)      Dairy Farming Manual
    k)   Upland arrowroots, Cassava, Sweet potatoes and yams
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