Monday, 24 March 2014

Small Scale Ice-cream Making in Kenya

During the hot season, nothing beats a refreshing cup of ice-cream. Enterprising young Kenyans can easily start this business with Ksh 25, 000 or less. Furthermore there is ready market for ice-cream everywhere including on the road side.

Ingredients for Small Scale Ice-cream making in Kenya
 -500 mils whole milk
- 400 mils cream
-50g icing sugar

-Emulsifier( optional)
-50g skim milk powder
-Gelatin stabilizer if used should be liquefied and then added in the mixture
-flavor essence as desired

ingridients for large scale production
  1. To prepare ice-cream mix, weigh ingredients separately in the following  proportion ; whole milk 60% 20 % cream, 5 percent skim milk powder, 15 percent sugar, 0.5 percent stabilizer.

Equipments for Small Scale Ice-cream making in Kenya

2 medium sufuria, source of fire, large bowl with lid, refrigerator, blender or electric beater, 2 measuring cups, 2 teaspoons, 2 tablespoons, water , detergent, packaging cups, hand towel, working table and seats .

Procedure for Ice-cream making in Kenya

1.   Combine cream, milk, sugar in a sufuria
2.   Heat on fire until the sugar is completely dissolved
3.   Add cornstarch dissolved in milk and stir for 2 minutes. Alternatively, gelatin stabilizer if used should be liquefied and then added in the mixture. Color and flavor are added just before loading the mixture in to the freezer.
4.   Pour into a bowl and cover
5.   Chill in the refrigerator
6.   Freeze in ice-cream maker if available for about 40 minutes
7.   Cool the mixture in a freezer and stir every 30 minutes in absence of ice-cream making machine for 3 hours. This prevents large ice-crystals from forming
8.   Alternatively beat for15 minutes twice during freezing. Aerate the chilled mixture then freeze for 45 minutes. Beating can be done using electric or manual beater.
9.   Pack in cups and freeze ready for sale .

Alternative flavor for small Scale Ice-cream making in Kenya

Add 1 tablespoon/ 10g of cocoa powder
The work is that easy and can be achieved without complicated equipments.