Saturday, 29 March 2014

Multi-storey Vegetable Garden technology in Kenya

Multi-storey vegetable garden technology in Kenya is a low input low labor farming activity. This involves establishing a garden container such as a large polythene sheeting or cereal bag. The practice is suitable in areas where land and labor are limited particularly in urban and peri-urban areas. The garden can be placed strategically on verandahs, flower beds or at the balcony of storey building.
Requirements: Multi-storey vegetable garden
1.      Plot area 2ft x 2ft
2.      4 poles 2M long each
3.      1½ M black polythene gauge 1000
4.      4 litre empty hollow tin ( gallon)
5.      7 wheelbarrows manure
6.      7 wheel barrows top soil
7.      1 wheel barrow ballast
Procedure for Multi-storey vegetable garden technology in Kenya
1.      Measure an area 2ft x 2ft square and dig one foot deep if the garden is to be established on the ground.
2.      Place the hollow tin at the centre of the area.
3.      Secure 4 poles at the corners of the square area. Insert the polythene tube around the four poles.
4.      Fill the hollow tin with ballast and cover the tin.
5.      Mix manure and top soil thoroughly and then put the mixture between the hollow tin and the polythene paper.
6.      Gradually fill in the soil/ manure mixture avoiding interfering with the tin. Water the soil moderately.
7.      Lift up the tin without moving from centre position and refill with ballast.
8.      Repeat filling in topsoil/ manure mixture, watering of the soil moderately, lifting up the tin and refilling with ballast until the polythene tube is full. Leave it overnight to set
9.      Make holes spaced at ½ ft by ½ft diagonally –About 9 rows each with 16 holes will be made. Scoop the soil at the holes and plant the seedling, firming the soil around each plant. Water  at least twice a week.
NB: Multi-storey vegetable garden technology in Kenya uses any other bag for example 90kg, 50kg may be used in which case amount of the soil manure and ballast reduces. Benefits use of Multi-storey vegetable garden technology in Kenya.
Multi-storey vegetable garden technology in Kenya is a low input activity
Enables fresh vegetable supply throughout the year.
Contributes to dietary diversification.
Inexpensive to establish and can be a source of income.
Multi-storey vegetable garden technology in Kenya requires little water