Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Make over Ksh 70, 000 from 1 acre green maize in Kenya


Double cobbing fast maturing maize varieties is the solution to the current harsh climate,
food security and ensuring decent lives for farmers.
Maize farming is very easy and it’s not labour intensive.Further more green maize has good demand everywhere during the dry season. 

You may Grow double cobbing maize varieties in zai pits in dry season for maximum profit. One acre will accommodate 1778 planting pits each measuring 75 x 75 x cm which gives plant population of 16000 at 9 plants per hole. When you plant a double cobbing or a variety which bears 2 cobs or more per plant you get at least 16,000 big cobs and about 11,000 small cobs.When you sell at wholesale price to traders,your returns are as below:-
16,000 big cobs @ 5/=80,000 11,000.
11,000 medium cobs @ 3/=33,000.
Total income =113,000-43,000 cost of production =Ksh70, 000
Zai pit technology is a water harvesting and retention technology, suitable for farming in dry season and areas with unpredictable rains and subsequent crop failure.

ZAI PITS DIMENSIONS AND LAY OUT: While growing Maize in Zai pits, a square hole measuring 75 x 75 x 30 (cm) will accommodates nine maize plants. The top soil is mixed with farm yard manure at a ratio of 4:1 and returned. Manure ratio can be reduced while growing maize in zai pits in Kenya depending on soil quality, and use of artificial fertilizers. Spacing from hole to hole is 75cm.
TECHNOLOGY EFFICIENCY: The right maize variety must be planted to benefit from the moisture available. Plant using Phosphorus fertilizers for early crop root establishment.Email yagrein@gmail.com to place your order.