Monday, 21 April 2014

Follow your dreams in Kenya

The only reason you are human is your ability to follow your dreams, when hope seems idiotic and your ability to fight proves otherwise. Sometimes you’ll win not because you are the best but because you follow your dreams to the last breathe as this is what defines humanity. You should not give up on whatever basis no matter how weird, far-fetched and skeptic you might think you follow your dreams are they are achievable. You only need to make the effort since the only thing between you and success is the will to follow your dreams. The only difference between success and failure is the drive, the passion, and handwork to achieve and be a in a place of exclusives. 

Today is the day to evaluate your goals revisit your vision, make both short term and long term goals and celebrate after achieving the short term goals.Fix your eyes on the long term goals with patience and surely you will reach there. Achievement of the vision calls for sacrifice and perseverance. Other people`s opinions should not define what or who you become. Keep focusing your vision and remember a person with no destination cannot get lost since every destination is good for him. Business plan development is crucial as you follow your dreams. A business plan is a document that supports you to plan growth, seek funding, and monitor performance over a period of time. 

The question of how much money you need and where it will from is the last step in a business plan. There’s an assumption that to grow a business, you need to get access to capital. According Paul Hawkent the author of Growing a Business, the problem with growing a business isn’t the lack of access to capital, but having and borrowing capital before your business is ready to grow and before you’ve fully developed your business model. Remember a business plan is the road-map as you follow your dreams to success. Every person can make it but, it takes real men/women to achieve their wildest dreams.