Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Avocado beauty soap formula

This is a nutritious fruit grown in Kenya for local consumption and export. It can be eaten whole in addition to being made into milk shake .Avocado beauty soap is yet another possible value added product in high demand and can be made in times of glut to as per the formula below. 

Requirements for avocado beauty soap formula
10 parts fruit paste
5 parts water
1 part silicate
2 parts caustic soda
5 parts coconut oil
1 teaspoon formalin (preservative)
Mould for shaping
Gloves for hands protection
Colour (oil based)
Goggles for protection of the eyes
A mask for covering the nose and the mouth

The order of mixing ingredients in avocado beauty soap formula is 5 parts water: 1 part silicate: 2 parts caustic soda: 10 parts fruit paste: 5 parts coconut oil, for best product
Peel well ripe fruit, remove seeds and mash into a smooth paste. Sieve and put aside. Measure 5 parts of water, 1part silicate and mix in a plastic bowl. Add 2 parts of caustic soda and stir until it dissolves. Measure 10 parts of the fruit paste; mix with 5 parts of coconut oil. Add a little perfume and 1teaspoon of formalin to the paste.

Mix the fruit paste mixture with caustic soda mixture to complete the formula and stir thoroughly. Put the avocado beauty soap mixture in moulds for shaping and shake to remove air bubbles. The product is ready for use after 24 hours. Pack, label and market.