Monday, 25 June 2012

Dehydrated Mango Fruits in Kenya

Dehydrated mango fruits in Kenya can be processed by using the principle of osmosis. Firm ripe produce is dried in a cabinet solar dryer. The finished product is golden yellow with a semi-translucent, plump appearance, chewable texture, which is neither crisp nor leathery, with a characteristic sweetened flavour. The products are eaten as snacks and desserts. They can also be used for ice cream making. In the process of making these products, choice of equipments to be used and operating conditions must be considered in the drying process because these can have strong impact on the physical properties of the final product. Green produce can also be dehydrated. 

10 kg fresh firm ripe mangoes
1 ½ kg Sugar
5 grams sodium metabisulfite

The procedure of drying the fruits Starts by weighing the required produce then washing until clean. Peel and make slices lengthwise. Separate choice cuts from chips.
Weigh the slices, then Add 30% sugar.
Allow to stand for 4-6 hours. Drain. Add 1% sodium metabisulfite to syrup. Boil Syrup. Add the slices and boil for 3 minutes. Leave to stand overnight. Drain and Collect syrup, then wash mango slices with warm water.

Drain slices, and spread on trays, process in a solar dryer for 16 hours. Sweat for 12 hours and then Sprinkle confectioner’s sugar. Pack the dehydrated fruits product in polyethylene bags ready for marketing. You may target to sell the dehydrated mango fruits to supermarkets, confectioners and groceries stores.