Friday, 23 March 2012

Natural stress relief and management in Kenya

Stress is a natural reaction to a strain upon the body. Healthy eating among other things is essential for health management during and after stress. Balanced diet is necessary for maintaining general good health and wellness. Human body demands increased amounts of all nutrition particularly B vitamins to support the nervous system, and calcium to counteract lactic acid produced by tense muscles. A healthy person has better resilience than a weakling. A diet consisting mainly of unprocessed or whole foods, Fresh fruits and vegetables is great foods for health

Signs and symptoms
·        Severe continuous headaches
·        Low body temperature
·        Poor memory
·        Difficulties in sleeping
·        Hypoglycemia
·        Joint and muscle pain
·        Loss of appetite
·        Lack of energy
·        Heart burn
·        Gas in the stomach production,
·        Isolation
·        Constipation.
·        Osteoporosis
Stress Management guidelines
Vegetable salad

Good nutrition with vitamins and mineral rich foods is invaluable for stress relief and management.Vitamin rich foods strengthen the immune system in addition to increasing the body’s resilience. Some good sources are salads, oranges, blueberries, beef, almonds, almonds.
Magnesium relaxes tense muscles while potassium strengthens the stomach. Good sources are green vegetables, avocadoes, bananas, apricots, tomatoes, squash, peaches, oranges, potatoes and lime.
Calcium neutralizes lactic acid produced by tense muscles Good sources are dairy products, tofu, and chick peas.Good nutrition improves the body's capacity to cope with stress; therefore good nutrition for health should be adhered to for effective management.
Eat high foliate foods which are mainly leafy green vegetables
Eat Omega 3 foods like fish oil, walnuts.
Eat a balanced breakfast meal regularly which prepares the body early in the day to deal with strain. Breakfast is therefore the most important meal of the day. Lack of preparation to cope with the day's strain triggers negative body reactions. Production of stress hormones activates secretion of essential minerals which includes calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc from the body. Without the right nutrients, the effects of stress can be disastrous on your body.
Eat a diversity of foods in order to get all the forty six components for good health and nutrition. No single food can give adequate nutrition.
Caffeine and alcohol should be avoided as they deplete the body of essential B vitamins and triggers sleep disturbances. Alcohol also impairs judgment and interferes with mental capability. Choose good nutrition and have enjoyable meal times.