Monday, 27 February 2012

USAID’S “YES YOUTH CAN”Development Program ahead of 2013 general elections in Kenya

YES YOUTH CAN development program is a USAID supported 3-year post election recovery programme for young Kenyans covering six regions; Western, Nyanza, Rift Valley, Central, Nairobi and Coast.  The implementation of the young peoples’ program is by Mercy Corps Kenya and the projects aims to Harness active participation of young Kenyans in the countries economic development, social development and policy development. In addition this program will instill, a positive attitude towards life issues, relevant life and economic skills, self-esteem, accountability and dependability among the young people. In 2008, Kenya had a highly ethicized election that prompted political and ethnic violence which led to 1,100 deaths and over, 300,000 internally displaced people. There was also enormous damage to property and the countries economy. Scores of hectares of cropland were destroyed in the rift valley province nicknamed “the granary of Kenya,’’ leading to reduction of agriculture activities and food insecurity in the subsequent years.

The majority of the people used by mischievous politicians to implement the mayhem were idle unemployed youths under the influence of drugs. Currently the fear of a repeat of this scenario is live in the air, among the young and elder Kenyans alike with the approaching Kenya 2012 general elections. This article is a wake up call for young people in agriculture to organize them-selves into groups which are being referred to as youth parliaments in the yes youth can program and undertake livelihood and community improvement projects. The youth parliaments require registration with the Ministry of Gender and Social Development in order to benefit from the youth empowerment program. In addition the parliaments need to sit and analyze their problems as a community and as young people. The youth parliament can then write a project proposal for solving livelihood /other problems for the young people or the community to Mercy Corps Kenya NGO for project support and capacity building.

This website is invaluable for the youth in agriculture projects as it gives vital information for realization of your dream, project identification, choice of agribusiness enterprises, modern agriculture production, Food processing for value addition and food security, income generation and self employment; agriculture value chain development for market linkages, farm accounting to ensure profitability, and environmental conservation for sustainable agriculture development. In addition you may contact us for services on agriculture project identification, Project proposal writing, agriculture extension and agriculture project implementation advice. Take advantage of our well calculated modern agriculture development projects, suitable for the youth due to their:-
·        Innovation and uniqueness
·        High returns on investment
·        Low cost of investment
·        Small or no land requirement
·        Short period for returns
·        Favorable profit margins
·        Ease of implementation
Time is now and the opportunity is here for the young generation in Kenya, to take lead in personal and community development projects in their respective home areas, for the future of our young nation is in their hands.