Sunday, 28 October 2012

Pure Breakfast Soya Drink With Delicious Creamy Taste

Soya is a wonder bean with more than 360 uses. It contains all the nutrients that the human body requires despite being a plant. The wonder bean has double the amount of protein Found in beef. It has protein of high biological value with all the essential amino acids. This means the protein is naturally  used effectively by the body. 

The farmers can process the crop into delicious creamy soya drink, milk, meat, yoghurt, oil, flour, snacks and the list is endless.Breakfast is no longer a headache with emergence of our product-Visit:

Farmers Training session
This delicious natural product is made from the wonder Soya beans, grown and processed by Njagu farmers group from  Kiambu County in Kenya. The pure breakfast drink is delicious, creamy in taste, and caffeine free. 

  1. You can buy this  pure delicious creamy breakfast  drink for sale and home consumption at wholesale and retail price from kes 180 only. Call Mr Mungai on 0735 330 647 for more information. 
  2.  You can sell your natural Soya crop to our processing plant at good prizes. 
  3.  We train other farmers how to grow and process Soya beans.
  4. Join the wonder bean move and improve livelihoods naturally.